7 Solutions for Why Does My Roku Keep Buffering

Why Does My Roku Keep Buffering? This question comes to Roku users at one time or another. The low-speed Internet of the router usually causes this problem, but in some cases, it can also be caused by other reasons.

If your Roku keeps freezing on commercials then in such a situation also the reasons mentioned below can be the reason for this problem

So if you haven’t tried these troubleshooting methods with your Roku, then you need to try them.

Let’s explore sevral reasons behind this query and their corresponding solutions. To address and resolve this issue effectively, stay tuned throughout this blog.

In most cases, this problem is solved by improving the router’s speed; first, you should check the internet speed of the router; if the rate is less, then contact your internet provider. Secondly, if the internet speed is correct, then it would be one thing is that the WiFi signal is low in your device. If the WiFi signal is low, there is also the problem of Buffering; for this, keep your router near the Roku device. 

If your problem is still unresolved, you should see the reasons below and its solution.

1.) Issues with the internet connection

Issues with the internet connection

Poor internet signal strength in Roku devices is one of the reasons, and the second reason may be that the internet speed is low on behalf of the internet provider. Third, having more devices connected to your router also causes buffering problems in Roku.


First, check whether the Roku device is getting a poor internet signal or not through this step:-

  • Go to Settings from Roku’s home page
  • After that, the network optionwill appear on the side; tap it, and later tap the About option. Settings>network>about 
  •  Now select the Check Connection option there.
  •  It will show you the signal strength of the Internet under the name “Poor” or “Fair.”

Check the internet speed by connecting another device to the router. You can also take the help of any internet speed checker application; if you find that the internet speed is too low, then first contact your internet provider to solve this issue.

If you see this signal strength “Poor” in your Roku device, then you should follow the steps given below:-

  1. Shut down your router entirely for five minutes, then restart it and see if the internet strength has improved.
  2.  Keep your router near the Roku device if not nearby; in some cases, the Internet signal strength is poor due to the router being away from the device.
  3.  Connect your Roku with an ethernet cable. It will provide consistent high-speed Internet to Roku.
  4.  Check if multiple devices are connected to your router simultaneously; disconnect some instruments from the router, shift Roku to a 5ghz connection, and shift other devices to a 2.4ghz link.
  5.  If your router is of an older model, replace it with a new router; the new router comes with high-speed networks.

2.) Overheating issue

Overheating can also be a reason behind Roku’s Buffering; although it does not happen often, we cannot ignore this reason.

For this, you have to protect your Roku device from overheating; this can also happen due to the device being on for a long time.


  • Turning off your Roku device entirely for a while and restarting it will do two things: one will cool down the device, and the other will reboot the machine.

Why does my Roku TV keep turning off

3.) install more channels can also be a reason

install more channels can also be a reason

Having more channels on Roku also causes buffering problems in your Roku. More media slows down the processing speed of the Roku device, causing buffering issues while watching shows.


If you have downloaded many channels on Roku, out of which you do not even use some channels, then you should remove them from Roku.

To remove unused channels, follow the steps given below:-

  • Go to the Home Screen by Using the Home Button on the Roku Remote
  •  Now go to the channel you want to remove and press the star button on the remote
  •  Now a menu will open, in that select remove channel and later select remove
  •  You will see that your selected channel has been removed

Now, you must remove other channels from Roku that you do not watch.

Once you have removed all the unusable channels from Roku, you have to reset Roku; for this, you have to unplug your Roku device, wait 60 seconds, and plug the Roku back in. If your problem has been solved, it is good; if not, follow the methods below.

4.) Outdated Operating System in Roku

Outdated Operating System in Roku

The system updates of the device are rolled out by the company so that the bug can be fixed, and if your system has not installed the latest update, then this problem of buffering occurs.


To check whether your Roku device is updated with the latest version, you have to go to your system update option, for which follow the steps given below:-

  • Go to the home screen by pressing the home button on the Roku remote
  •  Afterwards, follow this setting: Settings> Systems>System Update
  •  Now you will see the System update screen, which will have information about the current software
  •  You have to press the option of Check Now; it will check for new updates.
  •  If an update is available, you will be prompted of the latest update
  •  A new update will be installed automatically

5.) There may be a problem with the streaming services.

In some cases, this problem occurs from the side of the streaming services; due to the issue of the server on their side, you may also have problems with Buffering while watching the show.


For this you do not have to worry much, this problem will automatically get fixed after some time. All you have to do is turn off that streaming channel.

Although this problem usually gets solved in a few minutes, it may take a few hours in rare conditions.

In such a case, if you have waited and watched, yet the problem of Buffering is still coming while watching the show on that specific channel, you should go to its official site and complain about this problem.

6.) The Impact of an Incorrect HDMI Cable

You must choose the correct cable if you have a Roku streaming device connected to your TV via an HDMI cable.

If the cable currently connecting your Roku device to the TV is faulty or does not have the appropriate line for the device, you may face the issue of Roku freezing or complete blackout.


To seamlessly stream content from popular OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video to your TV, it’s essential to use HDMI cables that are HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) 2.2 compliant.

You should select your HDMI cable based on your Roku streaming device model. For 4K devices, you need an HDMI 2.0 (or above) cable.

7.) Your Adblocker Could Be the Culprit

If your Roku TV frozen, it could be because you have installed some Adblocker on your device.


If you are currently using any type of adblocker, you should remove it from your device now.


this blog on “Why Does My Roku Keep Buffering” has provided detailed insights into five potential reasons and their corresponding solutions.

If the Roku picture freezes sound continues, then there are still some troubleshooting methods left, which we have covered here.

We trust that these solutions will effectively address and resolve the buffering issue you’ve been experiencing.

How to improve streaming quality on Roku

1.) If your Roku device runs on a 2.4 GHz connection, replace it with a 5 GHz link.
2.) Check the WiFi Signal in Roku. If it is weak, strengthen it by bringing the router nearer to the Roku device.
3.) You can use an ethernet cable to keep the internet connection strong and consistent, making a difference in the streaming quality.

How to make Roku faster

1.) Install at least one channel in your Roku device; it will not allow Buffering problems to happen on Roku
2.) Try restarting the Roku device; for this, you must simultaneously press the Home button five times on the Roku remote, then the Up button once, the Reverse button twice, and the Fast Forward button twice.

Best Roku for weak WiFi signal

The ROKU Streaming Stick 4K+ offers a good WiFi range.

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