Why Does my Roku keep going back to the home screen

Many Roku users are troubled by the question: Why Does my Roku keep going back to the home screen? If you are also one of those users, you should try the following methods on your Roku device.

Roku users have been facing this problem for a long time in their Roku devices. The official platform of Roku has not shed any light on what could be the reason behind this problem.

However, according to some Roku users’ own experience, they adopted some simple procedures, and their Roku devices started working properly again.

Unplug your Roku device from the power wall socket for 15 minutes and plug it back in again; plug the Roku device into another power wall socket and then check; try rolling back the new Roku software update.

Why does my roku keep going back to the home screen [ possible problem and their solution ]

1.) Try a Different Power Outlet

In some cases, a bad power wall socket can also cause this issue on your Roku device.

So first, plug the power plug of your Roku device into another power wall socket and check

If the problem persists, then check the power cable of the Roku device; there may be some fault in it.

A bad power cable can also result in this problem with your Roku TV.

2.) Reboot the Roku’s Firmware

A simple reboot process can also solve this problem with Roku.

Sometimes, due to a minor software glitch, different types of problems occur in the Roku device, so reboot your Roku device once and then check

Follow the below steps to reboot your Roku device:-

  • If you are using a Roku Streaming Stick, then first of all, switch off the TV with the help of the remote control. If you are using Roku TV, then remove the power plug of the TV directly from the power wall socket.
  • If you are using a Roku Streaming Stick on a TV, unplug the Streaming Stick from the TV’s HDMI port.
  • Unplug the power adapter of the Roku Streaming Stick from the power wall socket for 2 minutes. If you are using a Roku TV, do the same in that case also
  • Next, re-insert the Roku TV’s power plug or Roku Streaming Stick’s power adapter into the power wall socket. avoid power extenders
  • Turn on and check the Roku device using the Roku remote

3.) Roku remote can also be a reason

In some cases, the Roku remote can also be the reason behind this problem.

There are two buttons in the Roku remote, due to which being faulty, your Roku device will repeatedly go to the home screen.

So, if so, take out the batteries of your Roku remote and check in a short time whether it is really so.

If you find that this problem persists even after taking out the batteries of the Roku remote, you can use the Roku remote again without worry; in your case, this problem is not related to the Roku remote.

But if you find that after removing the batteries of the remote, this problem has gone away, then it may be due to the faulty buttons of the remote. We have already covered the topic of how to fix the buttons of the Roku remote. 

4.) Roku Firmware Update

This problem can appear if your Roku device is not updated with the latest software update.

Update your Roku device with the latest software. To update your Roku device, follow this setting in your Roku device:- Home > Settings > System > System Update > Click on Check Now.

If you have already updated Roku software and then you have observed that this problem has appeared after updating, then you can try rolling back your Roku software.

To roll back Roku software, you can follow this setting in your Roku device:– Home > Settings > System > System update > Click on the ‘Check Now’ option, and you will receive a prompt to roll update.

If this option is not showing up, then you should factory reset your Roku device. Factory reset will bring the Roku device back to its original version or an earlier version.

5.) Adjust Roku’s Theme and Screensaver

There may be some problem with the new Theme or Screensaver, so if you have recently put a new Theme or Screensaver in your Roku device, then Change it to Default and then check Roku TV.

To restore the Theme to its default state in your Roku device, follow this setting in your Roku device:- Home > Settings > Theme> Restore default theme.

To change Screensaver, follow this setting in your Roku device:- Home > Settings > Theme > Screensavers.

6.) Roku Storage

Lack of free space in Roku storage can also be a reason behind this problem.

When you open an app on Roku, it generates an app cache in the background, and if there is no free space left in your Roku device at that time, then that app will crash again and again.

If you want to see the current storage capacity in your Roku device, then, unfortunately, you will not be able to do that; there is no such option in Roku device by going to which you can see the currently available storage in your Roku.

The user receives a notification when the storage is full in the Roku device, but this does not mean that the Roku device will prevent you from installing more apps even after the storage is almost full.

So, if storage is a problem in your case, then you have to remove some apps from your Roku device to free up space on your device.

Follow this setting to delete channels from Roku:– Home > Select the app you want to delete > Move the selection box to that app and press the Roku remote’s Astrack button (*) > Delete the app Select Remove Channel option for

7.) HDMI and overheating problem

It may happen in rare cases that Roku’s software can affect the HDMI connection between your Roku Stick and TV.

The problem is called the “HDMI handshake” issue, in which Roku devices cannot distinguish unprotected content from HDCP high-value content, which then encrypts everything.

If this problem is with your device, then you can fix it in two ways

1) Connect your Roku streaming device to the TV using another HDMI cable

2) Connect the Roku streaming device to the TV’s second HDMI input option

Overheating problem

An overheated device can also be a reason for the problem of the app crashing or freezing.

To keep your device away from overheating, you can completely switch off your device when it is not in use.

Apart from this, if you are currently using the device, then you can turn off your Roku device completely for 15 minutes so that the device gets some time to cool down.

8.) A corrupted app can also be a reason

Occasionally, a malfunctioning app can trigger this issue. It’s possible that a specific channel app is causing the problem. Test different channel apps on your Roku device to determine.

If this is happening with all apps, then the next point could be a reason.

9.) Internet router and Bandwidth saver problem

In some cases, this problem may be due to the router. To resolve the issue, Reboot your Wi-Fi router.

  • Shut down your router and unplug its power plug from the power wall socket for 3 – 4 minutes.
  • Restart the router and connect roku to the Wi-Fi
  • You can also use Ethernet cables for better connectivity.
  • Test your Roku device after internet connectivity is re-established

Bandwidth saver problem

There is an option for Bandwidth saver in Roku, which is designed to prevent overuse of your internet. If this option is on in your Roku device, then after some time interval, this feature stops the activities running in Roku.

This option has to be turned off on your Roku device. To turn off this option, follow this setting in your Roku device:- Home > Settings > Network > Bandwidth saver > Off.

Roku tv keeps going back to the home screen while watching Netflix

First soft reset your Roku device, if it still doesn’t work, remove the app and add it again.

Roku goes back to the home screen when paused

How long are you pausing the video? If the screen is blank or displaying a screensaver, please refrain from pressing the Play button. Instead, attempt pressing other buttons such as Back or the down arrow until your paused video reappears, and then proceed to press Play.

Hisense Roku tv keeps going to the home screen

Soft reset the Roku device, Check for new updates, and Check the Roku device’s power cable and power wall socket


Today, we have seen the possible reasons and solutions to the question Why Does my Roku keep going back to the home screen, In most cases, it has been seen that this happens after the arrival of new software.

If you have tried all the solutions mentioned above and the problem persists, then you can contact Roku customer support.

Apart from this, you can wait for the next update of Roku; with any new update, bugs like these are solved.

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