You must be wondering why I am being charged in Roku in the name of Warner Media Charge, and if you are looking for the answer to the question What is Roku for Warner Media Charge, then you are at the right place while searching for this question.

Today in this blog, what is Roku for warner media charge and why this charge would have been taken from you. Let us see the possible reasons behind it and its solutions.

If you have subscribed to HBO Max in your Roku account, then it is possible that these charges are being taken from you due to an auto-renewal subscription. Let us tell you for information that HBO Max is owned by Warner Bros and the monthly subscription plan of HBO Max is $14.99.

To know about your active subscriptions in Roku, sign in to your Roku account and go to the Manage your subscriptions option. Now on the Active Subscriptions page, you will find a list of channels that currently have active subscriptions on your Roku device. If you see any channel in this list that you have not subscribed to, you can turn off auto-renew by going to the Manage Subscription option.

About Warner Media and HBO Max

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HBO Max is a very large subscription-based over-the-top streaming service owned by Warner Bros.

In HBO Max, you will find a wide variety of TV shows and movies. There are two types of plans for this streaming service, one is the With Ads plan which is $9.99/month or $99.99/year and the other is the Ad-Free plan which is $14.99/month or $149.99/year.

If you have an HBO Max subscription plan on your Roku device, it will charge you $14.99 per month.

What is the reason for which Warner Media Charge is being taken from you and how to stop it

Many Roku users are troubled by the question, of why money is being deducted from Roku in the name of Warner Media Charge or what is Roku for warner media charge is.

There are two answers to this question, either you have mistakenly subscribed to HBO Max on your Roku device or someone else has activated the HBO Max subscription on your Roku device, due to which you are being billed $14.99 per month.

We’ll go into both the issues in detail and also the steps you can take to safely manage your subscription-based ott platform on your Roku.

The main reason for Roku for warner media charge

  • Someone has subscribed to HBO Max on your Roku account without your knowledge
  • You accidentally activated your HBO Max subscription

Someone has subscribed to HBO Max on your Roku account without your knowledge

You know that Roku provides its users with the facility of any paid and free OTT streaming service on a single platform.

You can easily go to the Roku Channel Store and search for the OTT streaming platform you want and add it to your Roku device. And keeping this in mind, Roku has already given the option of payment method.

That if you use different subscription-based OTT platforms on your Roku device, then you can avail of all the subscriptions from the same payment account, this system is given by Roku because Roku does not want its users to face the hassle of subscribing to different OTT platforms every month.

So if in this situation someone has subscribed to HBO Max on your Roku device without your knowledge, then it is possible that this specific amount is being deducted from your payment account.

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If this has happened, you sign in to your Roku account, and check the subscribed platform once, how to do it is explained in the steps given below:-

1.) Visit the official site of Roku using your smartphone or PC browser and sign in

 Manage your subscriptions on Roku site

2.) Select the option of Manage your subscriptions under your Account

3.) The page of Active Subscription will open in which the channels subscribed by you will be visible.

Manage Subscription on Roku site

4.) Now on this page, you will see HBO Max or any other streaming platform which you do not want to auto-renew, then select the option of Manage Subscription to stop it from auto-renew.

turn off auto-renew on Roku site

5.) Select the option of turn off auto-renew and then click on the option of confirm changes. one more time you will be asked for your confirmation, tap on continue in that popup message.

6.) Your selected subscription OTT channel will be turned off for auto-renewal on Roku once you tap on continue.

If you have found that someone has subscribed to HBO Max or any other paid subscription-based platform without your knowledge, then you can implement the points given below to ensure that this does not happen to you further.

1.) More than one account

Some houses have more than one Roku device, in which the same account is used, if this is the case in your house, then it is possible to separate the accounts of both devices, then do it.

If the account is different then check the purchase history of each device

2.) Use Secret Pin on Roku Device

If you use the Secret Pin option on your Roku device, then you do not allow anyone other than you to add any channel to your Roku device.

If guests or your friends come to your house and they use the Roku device, then no one will be able to add new channels to the Roku device except you.

Follow the steps given below to set up a PIN on your Roku device:-

  • Visit the official site Roku and log in by entering your login credentials
  • Click on the update icon below the PIN preference option, and select these three preferences according to your choice.
  • In the first two options, you will have to enter and verify a 4-digit PIN, if you have already created a PIN, you will need to enter and verify it.
  • Save changes by accepting the terms and conditions

You accidentally activated your HBO Max subscription

You accidentally activated your HBO Max subscription. What does this mean? Have you recently purchased a new Roku streaming device? If so, you may have inadvertently activated HBO max while activating your Roku streaming device.

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The official Roku website has information about new Roku steaming devices and HBO max in offers/hbomax

Roku HBO Max offer for new Roku streaming service
Roku HBO Max offer for new Roku streaming service

It says that if you buy the new Roku subscription service, you can avail HBO MAX 30-day trial with the new account.

It also states that you will be informed about the HBO Max 30-day offer during the activation process for your new Roku streaming device.

If you accept it, HBO Max will be activated on your new Roku device for 30 days.

On the official site of Roku, it has been said about this offer that if you activate this offer once and do not cancel, then this offer will continue on your device.

And after 30 days, you will be charged $14.99 per month for the Ad-Free plan or $9.99 per month for the With Ads plan for HBO Max as per the monthly plan.

In the terms and conditions, the cancellation of HBO Max has also been told, regarding the cancellation, it has been said that if you cancel your HBO Max subscriptions within 30 days of activating HBO Max, then you will not be charged any fee.

However, if you cancel your HBO Max subscription after 30 days of activation, you will be charged as per your HBO Max subscription plan.

If you have activated HBO Max on your new Roku device, you should check your HBO Max activation under Manage your subscriptions.

This offer often comes and goes with Roku devices, now recently this offer from Roku was given till 10/28/22 and 2/28/23

Suppose information about the activation of HBO Max is not available in Manage your subscription. In that case, you can put your problem in front of Roku’s support team in Roku Support, and they will definitely help you.

What is the Roku for warner media charge?

If an HBO Max subscription is activated on your Roku device, then you are charged an HBO Max subscription fee in the name of warner media charge.

How to cancel Roku for Warner Media

To do this, go to the official site Roku, login to your account, and go to Manage your subscriptions, the page of Active Subscription will open, HBO Max channel will appear in it, select the option of Manage Subscription, and select turn off auto-renew in it and click on continue

How do I find out what Roku is charging me for warner media?

Go to Roku’s official site, log in to your account, then go to purchase history and review your invoices for content or products.

How do I contact Roku about unauthorized warner media charges?

Visit Select the best reason in the ‘Questions about my account or billing’ drop-down menu and the best person from the Roku support team will get in touch with you

Why is the amount taken from me in the name of warner media charge?

If you recently purchased a new Roku streaming device, you may have activated the 30-day HBO Max plan, which Roku offers with your new streaming device for 30 days. If continued after 30 days then it will charge for a subscription which is called the warner media charge


In this blog What is Roku for Warner Media Charge, we have learned about the possible reasons behind why this charge is levied.

If you are absolutely sure that you or someone else is not subscribed to HBO Max on your Roku device, then you should consult Roku support and they will guide you properly.

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