How to Turn Brightness Down on Roku TV

To change the brightness level in your Roku TV, follow this setting: Home > Select Settings option > TV Picture Settings > TV Brightness > Now select the appropriate setting according to your needs.

When a new TV arrives in your home, you first think about how to improve its sound quality and picture settings. And the brightness level setting plays a vital role in adjusting the TV picture accordingly.

So, if you have Roku TV and you were looking for the answer to How to Turn Brightness Down on Roku TV, then your search is over now. We have covered the answer to this question and all the related user queries in this article, so stay tuned until the end.

How to Turn Brightness Down on Roku TV [ step-by-step format with pictures ]

Roku’s software is found with TV sets of different brands, so this setting of Roku mentioned below should be the same in every brand of Roku TV:-

  • Go to the Roku TV home page
roku tv home page
  • Next, choose the Settings option
  • Now select TV Picture Settings
tv brightness setting on roku tv
  • Select the TV Brightness option
  • If you want to down the brightness of Roku TV, you can choose Normal or Dark. Change the TV screen brightness by making changes according to the given options.

How to Turn Down Brightness on Roku TV

In addition, you can change the brightness level by going to the specific channel app.

Follow the steps given below to change the brightness level in Roku TV by going to the app:-

  • Open the Channels app on your Roku TV.
  • Now press the Astrack button (*) on your Roku remote. It will open sub-menus on the Roku TV screen.
  • Find and select the Picture Settings menu option.
Picture Settings menu option on roku tv
  • In this, you will get a TV Brightness option. Apart from this, you will get a fine-tune option to change the brightness level on your own.
tv brightness on roku tv
  • Now, after changing the brightness level according to your preference, you can close the opened option by pressing the back arrow button on the Roku remote. The setting you changed will remain set as it is.

Please remember that you cannot change the brightness on standalone Roku boxes like Roku Premiere Plus or Roku Ultra. This feature is only available on TV models with the Roku TV software pre-installed.

How to adjust brightness on Roku express

Open the Channels app > press the Astrack button (*) on your Roku remote > go to fine-tune option > Change the brightness level according to you

How to turn up brightness on Roku tv without remote

Install Roku Remote app on your smartphone, connect it to your Roku TV and then follow this setting in your Roku TV:- Home > Settings > TV Picture Settings > Choose TV Brightness option

Roku tv brightness keeps changing

This may happen because Dynamic Contrast or DCR is on in your Roku TV, for this, you have to turn off this option in your Roku TV:- Press the Roku remote’s Astrack button (*) when in TV input and select the setting option, then go to Advanced Picture setting and turn off dynamic contrast or DCR

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