How to watch Telemundo on Roku

Roku users can now watch the Telemundo channel on their Roku device; today, we will know the answer to the question of how to watch Telemundo on Roku in this blog.

What channel is Telemundo on Roku

What is the Telemundo channel, and what kind of content can you see on it? This channel is a Spanish-language terrestrial TV network; in this channel, you get to see content like telenovelas, films, reality television, and news.

The content of this channel has been created keeping in mind the Latin American audience, but English-speaking people also like to watch this channel.

The program on this channel is set in Spanish; if you use the English language, you can enjoy the programs on this channel with the help of English subtitles.

This channel is also available in the Roku Channel Store, so you can easily watch it on your Roku device at low prices. How you can do it is detailed in this blog. So stay till the end.

How to Add Vevo channel on Roku TV

How to get Telemundo on Roku [Easy steps]

Because this channel is available in the Roku Channel Store, you can easily add it to your Roku streaming device.

Below are the easy steps on how you can add this channel to your Roku device:-

  • First, go to the home page of your Roku; for this, you use the home button of the Roku remote.
  • Now, just below the Home option, you will see the possibility of Streaming Channel; select it.
  • As soon as you select the Streaming Channel option, you will get the Search Channels option, which you can search by typing Telemundo.
  • You will see the Telemundo channel when you search. Select it.
Telemundo channel app on roku
  • Select the Add Channel option to add this channel to your Roku device’s channel list.
  • Once this channel is installed, it will ask you to press the OK button to launch this channel on your Roku device.

You have added this channel to your Roku device; you need to activate it to watch it.

Below is the process of its activation; follow the procedure below to activate this channel.

How to Activate Telemundo on Roku

The process of activating this channel is straightforward; follow the steps given below:-

  • As soon as you launch this channel, you are given an activation code; note this code down.
  • Now, to activate this channel on your Roku, go to this activation site
  • Enter the activation code you noted on this site and select the Continue button.
  • Now sign in to your cable TV Provider account to verify your account
  • Once the verification process is complete, relaunch the Telemundo channel on the Roku device and enjoy your favourite shows.

How to watch Telemundo on Roku without a cable connection

If you do not have a cable connection yet and want to watch this channel on your Roku device, then you can do so; for this, you must resort to one of the streaming services below.

  • YouTube TV
  • fuboTV
  • Hulu + Live TV

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a live television streaming service that provides over 100 channels from all corners of the internet, including nearly every major US TV network.

YouTube offers a package that includes Telemundo as one of its available streaming channels for $64.99 per month, with over 85 live channels and unlimited cloud DVR storage.

Fubo TV

The FuboTV streaming service gives you access to more than 70 channels for a monthly subscription of $69.99, including Telemundo and other networks.

In addition, it provides 250 hours of online DVR storage so that you can record shows to watch later. This is an excellent choice for cord-cutters who want the best of both worlds.

Hulu + Live TV

There are numerous places where you can find free TV shows and movies online, but Hulu is one of the most popular streaming services on the web. It provides on-demand channels for its users to watch their favourite television shows.

To access the thousands of shows available at Hulu Plus Live TV, subscribe to a monthly plan.

You will get the Telemundo channel in this streaming service for $5.99/month.

You do not need to add Telemundo channels to your Roku device separately if you want to watch Telemundo channels with one of these streaming service providers.

For this, you must add the channel of the streaming service you selected to stream Telemundo channels to your Roku device.

How to watch Telemundo on Roku using a smartphone

The method for watching Telemundo TV shows on a Roku device is easy. You can watch this channel on your Roku device using Android and iOS smartphones.

We will first see the process of how to cast this channel to Roku through an Android Smartphone:-

  • You first need to connect your Android Smartphone and Roku device with the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Then, install the Telemundo app from the Google Play Store, tap the Cast icon, and tap the Cast option.
  • Now, choose your Roku device, select it and then launch your desired video or music content.
  • It will immediately start playing on your Roku TV screen.

How to Watch Telemundo on Roku Device Using Screen Mirror on IOS Device

If you would like to watch Telemundo on a Roku device using an IOS device, follow these steps:-

  • Connect your iOS Smartphone to the WI-Fi network like your Roku device to get started.
  • Next, If you do not have the Telemundo app on your iOS smartphone, download and install it from the App Store.
  • Now, to create the Screen Mirror option, go to the Control Center of your smartphone and select the Screen Mirroring option.
  • As soon as you tap on the choice of Screen Mirroring, you have to choose your Roku device from the given list of devices.
  •  Now sign in to your Telemundo app using your cable TV Provider account
  •  Now, play any show you want on your smartphone, which will be mirrored on the Roku TV display.


Today in this blog, we have gone through the process of how to watch the Telemundo channel on Roku TV; we hope you have been able to cast Telemundo on your Roku TV.

Telemundo on Roku not working

It is possible that your internet is slow or the server problem is going on from the Telemundo channel itself, for this first check your internet connection or if there is a problem with the server of the channel then wait for some time.

How much does it cost to watch Telemundo on a Roku device?

This channel can be viewed on a Roku device with your cable subscription plan, but if you use other streaming services to watch this channel, then their subscription plan is different according to different streaming services.

Is there Telemundo on Roku

Yes, Telemundo’s Channel Is Available in Roku’s Channel Store

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