How to Watch Sec Network on Roku – [2 ways]

Sec Network is known to stream sports events because Sec Network’s channel app is not available on Roku, users have a question that How to Watch Sec Network on Roku. So in this blog, we will see two ways to access this Sports network in Roku so stay till the end.

SEC Network (South Eastern Conference Network) has been launched by ESPN Inc. This network is famous for streaming American multinational sports events. Sports-loving users can access Football, Golf, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, and other sports events 24/7 with this network

Because this network is owned by ESPN, you can access Sec Network through the ESPN app on a Roku device, apart from this there are other streaming platforms through which you can also watch Sec Network on your Roku TV.

How to Stream Sec Network Free on Roku

You can watch Sec Network with an ESPN+ subscription, there are other non-cable streaming platforms available that allow you to access Sec Network on your Roku TV for a low price.

Also, you can access Sec Network for free for a few days on your Roku TV by using a free trial period of some streaming platforms with a new user ID.

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What Channel is Sec Network Plus

There is not much difference between Sec Network and Sec Network Plus. Sec Network is a TV channel and Sec Network Plus can be called a complimentary subscription which is available to users only with the ESPN app.

You can access Sec Network on Roku with OTT streaming platforms other than cable TV networks. While you need to have an ESPN+ subscription to access Sec Network Plus, there is no difference in the content delivery of both networks, you are shown the same content.

How to Get SEC Network on Roku using ESPN

As we know, you can stream SEC Network on your Roku TV through the ESPN Channel app. Follow the steps given below to watch SEC Network on Roku via the ESPN app

1.) Go to the home screen of your Roku device

2.) Now go to the Streaming Channels option and select the Search option

3.) Search by typing ESPN in the search box, you will see the ESPN app in the suggested app below, select it

4.) After selecting the app, you will land on the info page of the app, where you have to select the add channel option.

5.) Shortly, the ESPN channel app will be added to your Roku device, after which you can launch the channel by going to the Go to Channel option.

Activate ESPN on Roku

After adding the ESPN channel app to Roku, you have to activate this channel, for which you can follow the steps given below.

1.) Launch the ESPN app after the channel installation process is complete

2.) You will see the ESPN channel activation code on the Roku TV screen, note it down

3.) Next, you have to go to the official ESPN activation page using your PC or smartphone browser and enter the activation code you noted down to complete the activation process.

4.) On the activation page ESPN, you will find this activation page, type the code in it and click on the Continue button.

5.) Complete the login process with your ESPN subscription ID when prompted.

6.) You can now access SEC Network content using the ESPN app on your Roku TV

How to Watch the Sec Network without cable

You can access Sec Network on your Roku TV without a cable subscription, there are some streaming platforms that allow you to stream Sec Network through their online streaming platforms

Most of the streaming platforms mentioned below provide the facility of a free trial period, so taking advantage of the free trial period, you can access Sec Network for free for a few days on your Roku TV.

Online Streaming Platforms Subscription PlansFree trial periodChannels
Hulu + Live TV$69.99 per month30 daysFOX, ESPN, FX, ABC
DirecTV StreamDirecTV Stream has three subscription plans Choice ($99.99/mo), Ultimate ($109.99/mo), or Premier ($154.99/mo). You can go with whichever plan you prefer to watch SEC Network.7 daysAnimal Planet, AXS TV,  BBC America, ESPN
FuboTVFuboTV’s Pro plan ($74.99/mo) gives you access to the SEC Network if you belong to the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, South Carolina, Mississippi, Missouri, Texas, and Tennessee.
If you are from a state other than those mentioned, you will have to go with the add-on packages like Sports Lite ($9.99/mo) or fubo Extra ($7.99/mo).
7 daysESPN, Comedy Central, TLC, CNBC
Sling TVTo access Sec Network through Sling TV, you will need to subscribe to the Sling Orange ($40/mo) and Sports Extra add-on ($11/mo) subscription packs.CNN, Comedy Central, FXX
VidgoIn Vidgo, you can access Sec Network in the subscription packages of Ultimate ($99.95/mo), Premium ($79.95/mo), and Plus ($64.95/mo).ESPN, ACC Network, ESPNU, Big Ten Network
YouTube TVIf you want to access Sec Network with YouTube TV, then you have to go with its base package ($64.99/mo).14 daysESPN, Comedy Central, Sports Network

The cheapest way to get SEC Network on Roku

You can watch SEC Network for the lowest cost with a Sling TV subscription

Does YouTube TV have SEC Network?

Yes you can access Sec Network with the base package of YouTube TV

Where can I watch SEC Network Plus

You can access SEC Network Plus with a subscription to ESPN+

What channel is sec network on Roku

Sec Network is famous for streaming sports events. You can stream Sec Network with the ESPN Channel app on Roku.

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