Why Roku Photo Stream not Working and How to Fix It

Roku Photo Stream This is a handy feature for users who want to stream their favorite photos from their smartphone to their Roku TV.

This feature lets you stream photos to Roku, making pictures a screen saver on Roku TV.

Sometimes, some Roku users face trouble with the Photo Stream app. If you’re one of them, don’t worry. This article will help you understand why and how to fix it. Stay with us till the end!

Restart Roku. If the problem persists, disconnect the USB drive attached to your Roku device. Uninstall the Photo Stream app, turn off Roku for another 1 minute, and restart Roku after 1 minute. Install the app and check.

Why is my Roku Photo Stream not Working

1.) Software Glitches

When your Roku device encounters a minor software hiccup, it might interfere with the smooth operation of the Photo Stream app on your Roku.

When your Roku device encounters a minor software hiccup, it might interfere with the smooth operation of the Photo Stream app on your Roku.

In such a situation, you should apply some troubleshooting methods like restarting the device and effectively rebooting Roku; for this, you have to disconnect your Roku from the power source for 1 minute and then plug in and start it.

You must remove the Photo Stream app from your Roku and add it again from the Roku Channel Store.

You have to keep in mind that your device is updated with the latest firmware; apart from this, you also have to keep your Photo Stream app updated.

2.) Attached Drive One Reason

Some Roku streaming devices allow you to connect an external device. If you have an external drive connected to your device, you should remove it and double-check.

If your drive is corrupt, then this is also the reason why the Photo Stream app is not running on Roku.

In this case, you must remove the drive and the Photo Stream app from your Roku.

Now turn off the Roku, unplug it from the power source for a few minutes, and plug it back in.

After the device turns on, go to the Roku Channel Store and re-add the Photo Stream app.

3.) Roku New Firmware Update

If you have recently updated the new firmware of Roku and are facing this problem, it could be due to a possible bug with the latest firmware update.

It would be best if you shared your complaint about this issue with Roku Support in such a situation. Roku Support is ready to help you in every way.

4.) Service Interruption

Sometimes, there is no fault of ours or our device, and sometimes, service interruption occurs from Roku’s side.

Interruption could be due to many reasons. Maybe Roku is making some changes in its Photo Stream service, or Roku is currently facing some service-related problems regarding Photo Stream.

You can contact Roku support once to check whether this is a Service Interruption issue from Roku’s side.

Generally, in such cases, Roku automatically restores the service after some time, so if it is a case of Service Interruption, then you should wait.

Why is the Roku photo stream not showing pictures?

There can be many reasons behind this; you should try general troubleshooting methods, reboot the Roku device, remove the Photo Stream app, and re-add the app.

Why Roku photo streams black screen

It could just be a temporary bug. Give your Roku a little pause – remove the Photo Stream app, power off your Roku, turn it back on, and then add the Photo Stream app again.

The Roku photo streams app is not loading.

Reboot the device; if the problem persists, remove the app from the device, turn off Roku, and then add the app again. If the app is still not working, you can seek help from Roku customer support.

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