How to Watch Daily Wire on Roku

Suppose you’re in search of a channel that provides a conservative perspective in its news coverage while also offering access to podcasts, movies, and documentaries. In that case, you should explore the Daily Wire news channel.

Daily Wire is an American conservative news website whose channel app is available on the Roku Channel Store; this news and media platform was created in 2015 by Ben Shapiro and Jeremy Boreing.

A prominent political commentator, Ben Shapiro has gained notoriety for himself after captivating audiences with his much-praised Ben Shapiro Show. This platform is ideal for you if you belong to elite groups that value leaders like Andrew Tate and Donald Trump.

How much is Daily Wire on Roku?

Daily Wire viewers can access this channel on their Roku TV by availing of their preferred plan from these three subscription plans mentioned below:-

  • Insider Plus: $12/month
  • Insider: $14/month
  • All Access: $20/month

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How to Watch Ben Shapiro Daily Wire on Roku

First of all, you have to buy a subscription to Daily Wire, after which you can enjoy the Ben Shapiro Show on your Roku device with the help of Daily Wire’s channel app; the information to add and activate the channel on your Roku device is given below.

You can watch The Ben Shapiro Show Monday through Friday at 10 AM Central Time (CT), according to the information given on the Roku Channel Store and Dailywire official site.

The official Daily Wire website provides information about the show’s schedule. Please note that the show’s timing may have changed by the time you are reading this article

The schedule of shows other than the Ben Shapiro show, as per the official site of Dailywire, is as follows:-

Daily Wire showShow schedule
Michael KnowlesEveryday @ 8:30 AM Central Time (CT)
Ben ShapiroEveryday @ 10 AM Central Time (CT)
Matt WalshEveryday @ 12:30 PM Central Time (CT)
Crain & CompanyEveryday @ 6:30 AM Central Time (CT)
CandaceEveryday @ 2 PM Central Time (CT)
Andrew KlavanFridays @ 6 PM Central Time (CT)

How to Get Daily Wire on Roku

If you do not have a subscription pack of Daily Wire, then first of all, you have to avail your preferred subscription plan by visiting the official site of Daily Wire

  • Visit the official site of Daily Wire using the web browser of a PC or smartphone.
  • Next, on the home page of the site, tap on the Sign Up button at the top right corner.
the daily wire signup page
  • The signup button will take you to another page in which all the plans of Daily Wire will be shown on scrolling down.
  • Select your favourite plan from it; if any offer is available while availing the plan, do not forget to avail of it.
  • You have to create your account to avail of any offer; for this, you will need an e-mail ID and password.
  • In the payment section, you will need your Credit/Debit card to avail of the plan by entering the required information and coupon code.
  • You are ready to access The Daily Wire’s shows after purchasing the plan; check the confirmatory e-mail to confirm your subscription purchase.

How to Watch Daily Wire on Roku

Step 1:- Start on Roku’s home screen and scroll down until you see “Streaming Channels.”

Step 2:- Select “Search Channels” from the options.

Step 3:- Search for “The Daily Wire” in the search tab.

the daily wire channel app on roku

Step 4:- Once the channel appears in the search results, click on the option that says “Add Channel.”

Step 5:- Your Roku device will then download and install the channel for you.

Step 6:- After the installation is complete, click on “Go to Channel” to launch

How to Activate The Daily Wire on Roku

After adding Daily Wire to your Roku device, you will not be able to stream shows directly to it. You will need to go through the channel app’s activation process.

1.) Start by launching the app on your Roku device and look for the option that says “Login.”

2.) Once you click on it, a special code will appear on your TV screen; note it down and visit this link ( with the help of a web browser and enter the code.

3.) After entering the code, click on “Continue” to proceed with the activation process.

daily wire activation page

4.) Now refresh the Daily Wire channel app on your Roku TV, and you will see the content

The Daily Wire Roku app is not working.

If the Daily Wire app is not running on the Roku device, then remove the app from the device, restart the device, and then install the app later; if the Roku device is not updated, then update it.

Can I watch Daily Wire on Roku?

Yes, you can watch Daily Wire on Roku. Its channel app is available on the Roku channel store. It is a subscription-based platform, so you have to buy its subscription pack to stream it on Roku.

How to download Daily Wire on Roku

Follow this setting to download the Daily Wire channel app on Roku:- Home > Streaming Channels > Search Channels > Type and search “The Daily Wire” in the search tab > Add Channel > Your Roku device will then download the app automatically.

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