Roku users are always worried about the ads on their Roku devices, it seems that most users do not like having ads while watching their favorite shows.

But we must understand that much of Roku’s revenue comes from advertising minutes, so Roku would not want its revenue source to suffer.

It is pretty easy for the company to make an app to reduce or stop the ads or to make any ads-related settings for the users in the system, but such an option is not seen in the Roku device.

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So can you Block Youtube Ads on Roku?

Many articles have talked about Roku’s Limit ad tracking setting, how to change router settings to stop ads, and other such topics, but according to users, all these measures are not effective in stopping ads on YouTube on Roku.

So to be straight, there is no concrete way to stop YouTube ads on Roku devices,

With the help of the measures mentioned in those articles, you may be able to reduce the ads or stop them for a temporary time, but you will not be able to completely stop YouTube ads on Roku.

So the question still remains how to block Youtube ads on Roku TV

Is there any way to stream YouTube without ads on Roku TV, then the answer is yes, there is a way through which you can stream YouTube without ads on your Roku TV.

How To Block YouTube Ads On Roku

If you stream YouTube more on your Roku TV, then this method will be suitable for you.

To stream YouTube without ads with your Roku TV, you will need an Onn 4K box or a Google TV device (Chromecast).

The process is that you have to connect any one of your favorite streaming devices mentioned to your Roku TV and Sideload SmartTubeNext APK in this streaming device and use it in the streaming device to make YouTube add free

Follow the steps below to stream YouTube to Roku TV using another streaming device and the SmartTubeNext app:-

  • Roku TV or other TVs also have other HDMI input ports apart from one HDMI input port, leave the Roku TV stick in one and connect one of the Onn 4K boxes or Chromecast in the other.
  • Now change the HDMI input in the TV set and select the HDMI input option to which you have connected the new streaming device.
  • After the new streaming device is installed in the TV set, you can sideload the SmartTubeNext APK and watch YouTube ad-free on your TV.

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You cannot stream YouTube on Roku TV without ads, but it is possible to stream YouTube without ads in Onn 4K box or Chromecast with the help of SmartTubeNext APK

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Most of Roku’s revenue comes from ads, so you will not be able to stream YouTube without ads in your Roku device, but users say that with the help of SmartTubeNext APK in Chromecast, they were able to stream YouTube without ads.


We have covered the topic of How To Block YouTube Ads On Roku in this article, we hope that all your doubts regarding this question have been cleared.

There is no such option in Roku, using which you can stream YouTube without ads on your Roku TV, we would recommend that if you do not use YouTube for a long time, then you should stream YouTube on the Roku device itself.

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