Many Roku users want to know How to Enable Developer mode on Roku, Developer mode is a hidden option on Roku devices with the help of which you can add a channel that is in development on the Roku device, to see the specification of the device and some cases, to debug applications

If you are also among those users who are searching for the answer to this question of how to put Roku in developer mode, then you have come to the right place, today in this blog we will see the answers to all the questions related to the developer mode of Roku device. so stay till the end

What can you do with Roku developer mode?

Some curious Roku users have a question in their mind what is Roku developer mode or What can you do with Roku developer mode? So the answer is that there is a hidden option of developer mode in Roku devices, in which users can test new apps on Roku devices, such as apps that are not available in the Roku channel store.

Also, this option is used for debugging applications or modifications of interfaces or applications in the device.

IMPORTANT:- Roku’s developer mode is designed keeping professional developers in mind, if you are not a developer or you want to just explore the developer option on a Roku device, then according to experts, you should stay away from it. If you know how to use the Developer option, then Few Channels are available that you can easily sideload.

How to Enable Developer Mode on Roku

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1.) Turn on your Roku device and wait for everything on the device to boot up

2.) Now you have to press some special key combinations one after the other in your Roku remote.

  • Home button – 3 times
  • Up Button – 2 times
  • Right Button – 1 time
  • Left Button – 1 time
  • Right Button – 1 time
  • Left Button – 1 time
  • Right Button – 1 time

3.) After pressing the mentioned key combinations in the correct sequence, the “Developer Secret Screen” will open in front of you.

4.) After the developer settings description is over, you will see the IP address and username, note them down


5.) After noting down the IP address and username, select the option “Enable installer and restart”, after selecting this option, you will be asked for the SDK License Agreement, select I Agree.


6.) Now a new window will pop up asking you to type the development webserver or web developer mode password.


7.) Create and set a new password in it, and note down the password you have created.

8.) Now select the “Set Password & Reboot” option, after selecting this option, your stop device will automatically reboot

9.) You have enabled developer mode on Roku

How to use Roku Developer Mode

1.) Open the web browser on your PC or Smartphone

2.) Copy the IP address you noted and paste it into the address bar to browse

3.) A popup will appear in front of you on the screen, in which you will be given the option of username and password, which you have to log in by entering the same username and password that you had set in the previous step.


4.) After logging in correctly with the help of a username and password, you will be taken to the Roku Development Application Installer in the web browser.

How to load apps Roku Developer Mode

1.) If you have followed the above steps correctly, you will find the Roku Development Application Installer open.

2.) Here you will have two options “Upload” & “Install”


3.) If you already have an application in zip format, then you can upload the application file to the Roku device using the “Upload” option provided.


4.) It will take some time while uploading the file, after the uploading process is completed, you will see the name of that file just beside the “upload” option.


5.) Now you are free to “Install” the uploaded file, you can start the installation process by using the “Install” option given.

6.) Once the app installation process is complete, the app will automatically load on your Roku device and open

You have to take care of some things about this process which are as follows:-

  • Your Roku device and PC or smartphone must be connected to the same WiFi network while performing this process.
  • You will always need another device, such as a PC or smartphone, to install other apps (apps that are not in the Roku Channel Store) to your Roku device.
  • You cannot sideload more than one app at a time on a Roku device
  • If you want to sideload another app to your Roku device, then you will have to repeat the above process again, keep in mind that the new sideloaded app will automatically replace the old sideloaded app.
  • There are many other third-party apps for Roku that you can find on the Internet.

What are the developer mode benefits on Roku

By using developer mode on the Roku device, users can install other third-party apps in their Roku device, as well as users can debug applications with this option as well as do some modifications to the interface or applications in the Roku device.

Roku developer mode not working how to fix it

1.) Factory reset the Roku device
2.) The external device which you are using for app installation in Roku developer mode make sure that antivirus software is not creating any disturbance in the way to access developer mode
3.) Try another web browser
4.) If you have taken the app’s file from an app provider who is trying to circumvent Roku’s Terms of Service, then access to Developer Mode can also be blocked for this reason, other apps try installing


We have seen the answer to this question of How to Enable Developer mode on Roku in detail in simple language in this blog, we hope that you have got the answer to what is Roku Developer mode and how to use it. for new Roku users This process must have been a bit complicated, so new users should take some time while doing this process and do this process correctly.

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