Lots of Roku fans want surround sound to enhance their home viewing experience. The two main options are soundbars or more advanced AV receivers. Denon makes some of the most popular AV receiver models on the market.

So if you have a Denon receiver and are unsure How to connect Roku to Denon Receiver, this guide is for you! We’ll walk through the steps in plain terms so you can easily connect your Denon receiver and Roku.

Whether you have an older Denon model or a newer one with the latest features, we’ve got you covered. We’ll explain the connection process in simple, straightforward language even if you’re not very tech-savvy.

By the end, you’ll understand exactly how to hook up your Roku streaming player to your Denon surround sound system. Just stick with us to the end and you’ll be enjoying wireless streaming with theater-quality audio in no time!

Roku TV has an HDMI ARC port and looks at the back side of the Denon Receiver, you will find an HDMI ARC port in that, you have to connect both devices with this HDMI ARC port and set the audio setting properly in both devices.

How to connect Roku to Projector

How to connect Roku to Denon Receiver – Follow Simple steps

First of all, we look at the connection method of Roku TV and Denon Receiver, how it is done, we are talking about those Roku TVs with inbuilt Roku software.

We will see TCL Roku TV and Denon Receiver connection method in these steps for example

Step 1:- Roku TV has more than one HDMI port, out of which you will also find an ARC-type HDMI port, you have to find it.

Showing HDMI ARC port on TV
Showing HDMI ARC port on TV – 55

The ARC in HDMI ARC stands for Audio Return Channel. These ports provide the ability to allow audio signals to travel in both directions along the HDMI cable at the same time. This feature is also available in eARC HDMI port.

Step 2:- You will need an excellent high-speed HDMI cable to connect both devices.

Showing the HDMI ARC port in the Denon AVR-S750H
Showing the HDMI ARC port in the Denon AVR-S750H – 55

First, you need to connect one end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI ARC port of your Roku TV and connect the other end to your AV receiver

Step 3:- Next, select the TV input on Roku TV to which you have connected your AV receiver.

Step 4:- Now select the System option in Settings and select the Control Other Devices (CEC) option.

Enable eARC and 1-Touch Play options in the Control Other Devices (CEC) option

Step 5:- Go to Settings > Audio > S/PDIF and eARC option and select it under Auto-detect

Now restart the Roku TV after doing the above settings Home > Settings > System > Power > System Restart > Restart

Step 6:- Turn on your Denon receiver and press the TV audio button on the Denon remote

Step 7:- Now press the setup button on the remote it will allow you to connect to the TV and open the menu in your receiver

Select HDMI setup under video, and the screen of HDMI setup will open in front of you.

You have to set this setting like this

Displaying the audio video settings in the Denon AVR-S750H

HDMI Audio Out – AVR
HDMI passthrough – On
HDMI Control – On
ARC – On
TV audio switching – On
Pow. Off Control – All
Smart menu – On

This setting is done in the Denon AVR-S750H model

Step 8:- Zero the sound in Roku TV if the TV has sound then it will create an eco problem. Select the input device and play live TV or another streaming platform Sound will come from the AVR system

How to connect Roku stick to Denon Receiver

We have covered this topic in detail on how to connect Roku TV Stick, HDMI TV, and AV receiver to each other.

Why is Roku not working with the Denon receiver?

Check the HDMI connection and audio video settings on the Roku TV and Denon receiver. If the receiver is already connected to another device, disconnect it first and establish the connection between Roku and the receiver first.

How to control the Denon receiver with the Roku Remote

Connect the TV and receiver to each other with the help of an HDMI ARC port and use a high-quality HDMI 2.0 cable to connect both, turn on HDMI – CEC option in the TV. Now you will be able to control the TV and receiver with your TV remote.

How to Get Denon Receiver to turn on with the TV

Enable the HDMI – CEC option in your TV set, as well as make sure that your TV and receiver are using an HDMI ARC port and high-speed HDMI 2.0 cable for connection.


We have covered this question in detail in this article How to connect Roku to Denon Receiver, It is necessary to have a good high-speed HDMI cable to connect the devices, so for this, you should use a high-speed HDMI 2.0 cable.

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