When you are outside European countries then the question that comes to your mind is how to stream Eurosport on Roku in USA, then you have come to the right place to get the answer to this question.

Eurosport is a European sports streaming platform that broadcasts a wide variety of sports programs including motor racing, cycling, and tennis games. but as the name suggests, the platform is limited to European countries only.

But if you are traveling outside European countries for some reason and you want to see Eurosport there through Roku, then you can see Eurosport on Roku by keeping the following short points in mind.

  • You can watch Eurosport outside European countries on Roku by using a good VPN service.
  • Since Eurosport does not have a dedicated app for Roku devices, you can watch its shows by connecting it to your Roku device via mobile.
  • You Can Watch Eurosport on Roku Devices via Screen Mirror Using a VPN on a PC/Laptop
  • Open Eurosport on Mobile or PC using VPN and then connect the device to the Roku via HDMI cable/converter and watch the shows on the Roku device

Next, we will go through these points in detail so that you can easily watch Eurosport on Roku from any device

How To Stream Eurosport on Roku In USA Using Mobile Phones

To watch Eurosport in USA, the first thing you need to do is use a good VPN on your mobile phone. By turning on the VPN on your device, you need to hide your current location and enter the UK IP address in the VPN.

As we know Eurosport dedicated app is not available for Roku, so we will use Eurosport mobile app, for this, you have to install the Eurosport app on your Android and iOS mobile.

In the further process, we will learn how to connect mobile to Roku through the screen mirror process; before that, you have to keep one thing in mind your mobile and Roku device should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

  • Using the Roku remote, press the Home button and go to the Home screen
  • Go to the settings menu, select the system in the side option
  • Now select the option of screen mirroring, after that the option of screen mirroring mode will appear in the side option, select it
  • Select the Prompt option in screen mirroring mode
  • Your Roku device is ready for screen mirroring Connect any mobile and enjoys Eurosport

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What should be the settings for Screen Mirroring on Roku for Android Phones and iPhones?

Android Phones Settings

Showing cast option in the notification panel of Android phone
Showing cast option in the notification panel of Android phone
  • Go to the notification panel of the mobile and tap on the option to cast
  • Now select your Roku device
  • Now open the Eurosport application on your Android device and stream it on Roku

iPhone Setting

Showing the Screen Mirroring option option in iPhone's Control Center
Showing the Screen Mirroring option in iPhone’s Control Center
  • Go to the Control Center of your iPhone and tap on the Screen Mirroring option
  • Select your Roku device
  • The airplay code will appear on the Roku TV, enter it on your iPhone device
  • Now open the Eurosport application on your iPhone and stream your desired video on the Roku screen

How to Watch Eurosport on Roku Using PC with Screen Mirror

Screen Mirror Settings on Windows PC/Laptop

  • Connect your PC/Laptop to the same Wi-Fi network to which the Roku device is already connected
  • Now visit Eurosport’s official website using a web browser
  • A sign-in form will appear in the right corner, go to it and sign in by entering your account credentials in it.
  • Now the option of Live & Schedule will appear on the home page, select it
Showing the Watch Now option on Eurosport's site
Showing the Watch Now option on Eurosport’s site
  • select the sports game you want to watch and select the Watch Now option
  • At the same time press, the Windows logo key + k key simultaneously on the keyboard of the PC/Laptop
  • Now select and connect your Roku device
  • Visit the Eurosport web page and mirror the live content to your Roku TV

Screen Mirror Settings on Apple Laptop

  • sign-in to Eurosport in the browser by connecting the Apple Laptop to the same Wi-Fi network by following the same process as the initial process for Windows PC / Laptop
  • To connect any Apple device to Roku via Screen Mirror, you have to turn on the Airplay setting in Roku, for this, you follow this setting, Settings > Apple Airplay & HomeKit > After that turn on the Airplay option
  • Now find and turn on the Screen Mirroring option in your iMac/MacBook
  • Now select your Roku device, after selecting your laptop will ask for a code, this code must have been given on Roku TV, you have to put it in the laptop
  • After entering the code you will see that your laptop screen will be visible on Roku TV Now you can watch Eurosport on Roku

How to Watch Eurosport on Roku TV via Mobile or Laptop Using HDMI Cable

For some reason you are unable to mirror the screen wirelessly to the Roku device via mobile or laptop, then you can resort to this method.

How to Connect Roku TV to Android Mobile and laptop via HDMI Cable to Watch Eurosport

  • To connect Android mobile to Roku via HDMI cable, you need to use HDMI Adapter USB Type C Cable MHL 4K HD Video Digital Converter Cord Mirror
  • Note that this cable comes with a Type C connecting cable, so your device must have this port.
  • The HDMI and USB options of this cable have to be added to Roku TV. If your TV doesn’t have the option to connect a USB cable, connect it to a separate power bank.
  • Connect the Type C end of the cable to your Android mobile, Windows laptop, and Apple MacBook whichever device you want to connect
  • Once connected you will see that your device will be mirrored on Roku TV after which you can watch Eurosport on Roku TV

One thing to keep in mind is that there are some selected phones with iPhones in which this cable does not work.

How to Connect iPhone to Roku TV Using an HDMI Cable to Watch Eurosport

  • To connect your iPhone to Roku TV, you have to use Apple Lightning to Digital AV Adapter
  • Connect your iPhone to Roku TV using Apple Lightning to Digital AV Adapter and HDMI cable
  • Once connected, tune your Roku TV to the same HDMI channel and stream Eurosport

how to watch Eurosport in the USA

If you want to watch Eurosport in the US, you can do so with the help of a good VPN.

can you get Eurosport on a Roku tv in the USA?

Yes you can do this using a good VPN and screen mirroring function of mobile/laptop, we have discussed in detail how to do it


We have seen some of the above methods, with the help of which you can easily solve this question How To Stream Eurosport On Roku in the USA? We use VPN for this, keep one thing in mind you should use a good VPN service so that you do not face problems like streaming lag while streaming Eurosport on Roku.

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