How to See Comments on Youtube Roku

Many Roku users like to open the comment section in the YouTube channel app on their Roku device to see people’s reactions.

But because of the different user interface of the YouTube channel app in Roku from the mobile YouTube app, many Roku users face difficulty opening the comment section on Roku TV.

If you are also one of those Roku users looking for the answer to How to See Comments on Youtube Roku, you are at the right place.

If you want to open the comments section of a specific video in the Roku Channel app on your Roku device, you can do so

While watching a video on a YouTube TV channel, press the “up” button on the Roku remote twice to highlight the video title, then press the “OK” button. A window will open on the right side of the TV screen, where you will see the description and comment options.

How to Read Comments when Watching Youtube on Roku

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Follow the steps given below to view the comments of videos from YouTube TV channels on your Roku TV.

Step 1:- Open the YouTube TV Channel app on your Roku TV and play your favorite video.

Step 2:- Now while the video is playing press the “up” button twice on your Roku remote it will highlight the title of the video

Step 3:- Press the “OK” button on the Roku remote once the title is displayed.

Step 4:- A window will open on the right side of the Roku TV screen as soon as you press the “OK” button

Step 5:- Here you will get the option to see the description and comments

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How to Comment on Youtube on Roku

How to view comments on youtube app roku? Along with this question, the question of many Roku users also remains How to Comment on Youtube on Roku

So if you want to have YouTube comments read to your Roku TV as well as enter your comments from the Roku TV itself, this is not yet possible with the Roku YouTube Channel app.

In Roku’s YouTube channel app, you can see other’s comments but you cannot enter your own comments.

To enter your comment, you have to take the help of the YouTube app installed on your mobile.

Sign in to your YouTube mobile app with the same ID you used to sign in to the YouTube Channel app on your Roku device.

Now you can comment on videos in real-time with the help of a YouTube app installed on your mobile phone.


Updates to the Channel app on Roku devices come from time to time, and the same goes for Roku’s YouTube Channel app.

Before the latest update of YouTube, users could see the comments and descriptions by simply scrolling down.

But after the latest update, this option is gone, now you can open the option of comments and description in Roku through the method mentioned above.

It is possible that in the upcoming updates of YouTube, some easy method will be introduced to see the comments and description, but whatever happens, we will definitely update you.

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